What is Akensai?

Well, I'm not really sure about that myself. Mostly it's things I create or need. The site used to be run off WordPress with a simple theme I designed. Now I have copied over aspects of the theme into my own custom written flat-file based CMS. That's really all there is to it, you could call this a blog, but it isn't stories of my day to day journey, nor is it in any way one of those sissy e-journals everyone else seems to have, this is Akensai, there is no other way to explain it. So take a look at my articles and creations, maybe you'll find a use.

Who is Akensai?

Name: Les Barton Age: 28 Location: Florida Skills: Linux Guru, Web Development, Web Hosting, Business Managemet


I've got 28 years of trickiness and creativity under my belt. And... according to a questionnaire which I took while sitting in a class I didn't belong in, I have 75% social desirability. Maybe I should focus my educational aspirations on a psych major so I can sit around all day and answer true/false tests to find out how desirable I am? What's there to say? Stuck between a rock and a hard place. Literally. I'm that back country hiker who didn't bother to heed the warning signs that read Park Closed: Hungry Wild Ass-Bears Seen Mauling Hikers. I went ahead and ignored the signs, ran into a beastly bear, fell into a Batman lair-like cave as I tried to outrun the bastard, and got myself wedged between hell and a giant boulder. So I have a little extra baggage I have to carry around. The emotional kind. Who doesn't have any of that? The question is where's the lost and found when you need it? I want to meet someone to pick the bones out of my fish. I hate getting pricked by those damn things during dinner. I also want to meet someone who can tell the difference between Haribo and Black Forest gummi bears based on taste alone. They're not the same dammit! Sometimes what you're looking for is staring right back at you.
This biography has been stolen many times over the years. Thanks, I guess? Your stolen copy doesn't autofill the age via PHP though!


• Network Administration on a pro level for Linux, substandard windows. • HTML and CSS to an advanced level, if I can't do it, Google can teach me how to. • PHP, Ajax, and JavaScript on an advanced level. • SQL Databases and any type of set transferring from server to server. • Basic Graphic Design • Community Management • Team Leadership • Network Security • C++, Visual Basic, and Linux scripting (basic) • Computer Repair and Troubleshooting • System Administration • Custom Builds • Microsoft Office • Business Management • Billing / Accounts • Customer Relations / Support • Client Retention


• Aspiration Hosting Inc, Vice-President. (2011 - Present) • Akensai Network, freelance general web guru. (2008 - 2014) • Dazik.com creator/owner. (2006 - Present) • ImgEasy.com creator/owner. (2004 - Present) • FragNet.net level 2 Support (2011-2012) • XFactorServers.com level 1-3 Support / Network Administrator (2010-2012) • Japsclan System Administrator (2004-2011) • GreenGeeks.com level 1-2 Support (2010) • FunAdvice.com (2008-2009) • XFactorGaming.com (2008-2009)
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