After Upgrading to Windows 10

Like a lot of people, I recently upgraded to Windows 10. Unlike a lot of people, I like to know exactly what I am getting myself into. For the most part, I absolutely adore Windows 10, the fact that it's easy to get for free, the way it optimizes resources for gaming, and countless other things. To put it simply, it's just good... Read More »

PHP Script: Ping Online/Offline

A few days ago I came across a need to have a script to ping an IP:Port to see if a list of machines where online or offline. The basis for this was for a list of about 60 dedicated servers that I wanted to be able to load a page to see if any where down. After a few... Read More »

Netbook Operating Systems

For Christmas I bought myself a netbook, mainly so I can lay around on the couch, play video games, etc while I work. It's been nearly a month now and I have been trying various Operating Systems to figure out which is best for what I need, what I need is just web access, SSH, and an RDP client. Anyways... Read More »

VPN on Linode using Debian (PPTP)

Recently I had the pleasure of setting up a VPN via a 512mb Linode VPS ($20/mo) and I must say it impressed me beyond all belief. Why did it impress me you ask? Well, uptime is incredible and the speeds are nothing short of amazing. I am connected right now via the VPN I setup in Georgia and it feels... Read More »

Ancient Sunken Cities

The general population of the world has no idea about these sunken cities, some call them the cities of Atlantis; but thats just myth. These sunken cities predate all other known civilizations on earth by thousands of years, so what exactly does that mean? Well it means we are entirely wrong about the history of human civilization, a host of people will tell... Read More »

Murmur on Linux

As you may know, I ran a 1500 slot Mumble server off of a DreamHost VPS. You may be thinking "why the hell is he doing that?" well, Murmur is so light-weight that it takes almost nothing to run, at this exact moment I have 49 people in mine and I can't even measure the resource use, its that low... Read More »

Source Server with DreamHost VPS

By now most people know I was using Dreamhost Private Servers to run Team Fortress 2 game servers, so I decided it's time to share the secret to running a 32 slot TF2 server for $11 a month (bundled) or $15 a month (single). First off, you pay for a Dreamhost... Read More »

The Yoshi (Multi-Platform Gaming Rig)

A Yoshi as it was called in the 90's, is a rig that can play any video game. When the term was used in the 90's it often meant a complex system of consoles stacked on top of each other using the same ports for video and audio. The end result of which... Read More »